DCHS Scholarship Fund

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For over a decade, Dallas County Home School was a source of free dual enrollment classes for students in the North Texas region. Thanks to the pioneering efforts of Academic Specialist, Kathe Lee, DCHS was created as a federal non profit 501(c)(3) umbrella to allow home school families from anywhere to earn free college credits as part of their high school curriculum, for free!. Kathe and her volunteers used this amazing tool to help hundreds of student gain high school success and earn college credits, regardless of their ability to pay.

Through carefully negotiated contracts with the Dallas County Community College District, DCHS became a conduit between the homeschool community and a wonderful program called Dual Enrollment. For those of you new to DE, Dual Enrollment is a program where students in 10th, 11th, and 12th grades can take their core classes at a local junior college instead of at their regular high school. What is CORE? English, Math, Science, History, Art, Speech, Foreign Language, and even an elective or two. Once students finish a class, they receive both high school and college credits for that subject. Since courses are semester based instead of a year long, an industrious student can complete both their Freshman and Sophomore years of college before graduating high school. This avoids massive duplication of effort and saves a ton of money as well. The main goal of dual credit and DHCS is to reduce the cost of getting a college degree by completing the first two years for low or no cost!

The DCHS umbrella is no longer available to students because it is no longer needed. Over the past five years, Kathe Lee and her team have lectured extensively accross the country to the private & homeschool communities about the fantastic opportunity that is Dual Enrollment. The message was received loud and clear. There are now a plethora of private schools, homeschool co-ops, charter schools, and various educational associations that have formed contracts allowing them to umbrella students into a dual credit program in their area. In Texas specifically, residents of Dallas, Bexar, Wharton, or Rio Grande Valley counties can take DE classes for free -- no umbrella need! Students in other counties can contact their local junior college or homeschool association about a fee-waiver. With the addition of online courses, opportuniites for free or cheap dual credit classes are now widely available in the U.S.

But what about DCHS? Kathe Lee had a goal of seeing every student, especially homeschoolers, who wished to benefit from free early college be able to do so. That day arrived. But DCHS continues. DCHS continues to serve the homeschool community for high school to college success as a scholarship fund. Mrs. Lee and her staff talk to and meet with families privately for advising on college admissions & financial aid, academic assessments, and stress related educational concerns. The aim of our advising is too find and address issues that get in the way of a student's success. We spend hours with each student to help them create a success strategy that includes laying out their high school coursework, picking a college that will reward them with admissions and financial aid, determining an ideal major or career path, completing college applications for optimal outcomes, and finding scholarship apps and helping them complete them. All of this is intended to increase the number of students completing a college degree without college loans, a crisis that has reached epidimic proportions. All of these services are available regardless of a student or family's geographical location, race or religious affiliations, sexual orientation, or ability to financially contribute to the cost of these services. For families who can pay, all monies received become part of the DCHS post high school, need-based, scholarship fund. To date, more than 500 students have received a free service from DCHS.

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